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What we do

What we stand for?

Our call for innovation,

At Cindicalfe we ​​wear women who value quality, innovation and comfort. We use a specific type of construction: “stitch and turn”, which combines a modern and differentiating design with materials and a high quality manufacturing process. The result? Looking for. If in 1998 we were born in Castelo de Paiva, today we are growing all over the world. We have always oriented our products, especially to foreign markets, and we have come further and further.

Thanks to all the women who, all over the world, excel in the well-being of their feet without ever going out of style, we take a risk in creating our own brand, FLEX & GO.

At Cindicalfe, in addition to a qualified, young and dynamic team, which currently has 71 employees, productive equipment and physical space also accompany this wave that ends up unfolding in one word: innovation.

Currently, and in the near future, the strategic objective of our company, specifically with the Flex & Go brand, involves sustainable growth and the conquest of new markets and customers worldwide.



What’s our main goals?

We want to leave an imprint in the world! We want to leave our passion in your feet! (not a scar)

To successfully do that – we focus on design and functionality. Our greatest concern is to improve our process of manufacturing and concept of comfort.

We are always aware of the latest trends, innovative solutions and technologies.

Flex&Go main project is to create shoes capable of take you everywhere and any occasion.

We develop products from the comfortable indoor to the harsh outdoor.

Thinking about people who search footwear capable of keeping up with di erent lifestyles.